Hackathon Profile Project


The Hackathon Profile Project was a 24-hour user focused design proposal that addressed a new buyer renovation experience. Within the allocated time, a team of four managed to capture user research, draw wireframes, design a prototype and complete user testing for feedback. This team included a Product Manager, a UX Strategist, a UX Researcher, and a UX Designer (myself). 

Mission: To help homeowners renovate their home in a fun and easy way.
Vision: Create a collaborative space where anyone can manage their home renovation project from idea to reality all in one place.

User research

A series of online research and quick phone surveys concluded in the following results:

  • Mike, a surveyee, wanted to replace his bedroom floor but wasn't sure what was the 'right way' of doing so given his budget.

  • When Mary sees something she likes as inspiration, she saves it by bookmarking it in the Chrome browser.

  • Whitney used a combination of Pinterest boards, shared Google documents, and internet browser tabs to track her project and made all her decisions based on a fixed deadline.

  • Bill and Deborah planned renovations in multiple rooms and kept track of their entire project in a notebook.

  • Nola is on her fourth reno project, and does so mostly by taking photos using her phone. She finds 'decision making' to be the most frustrating part of completing a project.

Most of the homeowners are excited to do the project, but not sure how or where to start, and stressed about decision-making and budget constraints. They find creative ways to share but need help and support from their communities and families to make the final decisions.



Based on what the homeowners’ accounts, designs for a new profile platform were drawn on paper and then quickly manipulated into wireframes. Here are a few wireframes created in Sketch.



Approximately five hours into our project, we finalized our product mission and vision, as well as completed the user research and wireframing process. The next step was to design a viable mockup to be used for testing. 


User Testing

With limited time and resources remaining, our team quickly tested the mockup with two individuals via screen-sharing and phone. Their initial reactions were positive. Both users quickly understood what the mockups were supposed to do and noted that they would most definitely use this product if it was built. They were excited to provide feedback and asked to participate in beta testing should the project move forward.

Judy, one of our test users said:

“I guess we essentially do basically this, except we use different tools right now… for progress we’re using excel, for inspiration we’re using Pinterest, and for tool plans I’m using Solidworks or some other 3D modelling program."

Other feedback includes:

  • How can I collaborate?
  • I'd love to see other people's progress while I'm working
  • Would be nice to see a budget option


Within a short period of time, our team narrowed down real user problems, propose a viable solution, and tested them with real users all within a day's time! The fruits of our labour later became a stepping stone to building BuildDirect's current community profile project.