Homepage Competitive Analysis

A redesign of the homepage was requested by our team. The stakeholder wanted to address the importance of having 70% discovery and 30% product recommendation on the homepage. We first needed to assess our homepage against competitors in the market, and ensure that our site was pushing towards the right direction of discovery.


Personal vs Corporate Emotion

Ballpark starting point to evaluate how our current homepage compares to competitors. Allows us to see where we stand in terms of how personal / corporate our homepage feels and also gives a chance to learn from other homepages.


Assessment Rubric

The assessment rubric breaks down importances of our homepage into smaller pieces.  It allows us to evaluate elements of our website in comparison with our competitors and creates a numeric perspective of how we are doing against others.


Imagery: How interesting  and engaging were the images to the you?
Layout: How unique were the layouts to the overall design? Does the page represent proper hierarchy?
Terminology: Does the content address the specific user type?
Browse & Navigation: Is there proper taxonomy? How easy was it to navigate and find the right link?
Visual Stamina: How far down the page before you lost interest in the site?
Personalization: How well personalized was the website to your specific needs?
Trust: How much did you feel like you could trust this website?


Significance of Homepage in User Journey

  • People who visit the homepage in their journey double the amount of pages they visit.
  • People who have visited the homepage at some point in their journey have drastically reduced bounce rates compared to those that don't.

Heat Map

Majority of our users navigate the website with our categories menu. An even larger number use the search field. Once past the fold of the homepage, users are instinctively searching for specific categories over browsing through non-recommended products.


Future Direction

A quick overview comparing the current importance of the homepage vs a proposal of how to push the homepage towards 70% discovery / 30% product recommendation.