BDPros On-Boarding


BDPros (professional service providers) is a service entice more contractors to use our products. Our contractors currently represent 3% of our total customers, yet contributes to 20% of total revenue. However, the current program on-boarding experience is poor and has no integration to the website. A more informative and easier on-boarding process can capitalize on this untapped potential.


We begin by simplifying the steps required in our on-boarding experience. User feedback helped us promote benefits that appeal most to contractors in sign-up. Contractors can save their purchases and access their records through profile integration. Gamification techniques such as badges and progress bars reward our users for their time and purchases.

Competitive Research

After identifying initial problems, I analyzed our top 5 competitors and compared their on-boarding experiences. I noted all the similar frustrations I had with their experiences and how they attempted to solve it.

User Flows

With the knowledge from our competitors, I mapped solutions for BDPros in user flows. These solutions included features gathered from our competitors. As a team we worked closely with engineers to ensure the changes in user flow were viable to development.

 Onboarding User flow and journeys that influence it.

Onboarding User flow and journeys that influence it.

Sketches / Wireframes

After nailing down the user flow I sketched and created grayscale wireframes of the on-boarding process. Working with senior UX and our Product manager we used these wireframes to imagine the full experience without being stuck on creative details.

High-Fidelity Mockups

Once wireframes were approved, I moved on to creating high-fidelity mockups. I used Sketch App to create my prototypes and applied them into Invision as shareable content. The Senior UX Designer and I worked to ensure brand consistency and realism in the prototype.

User Research

User testing is one of the most important steps in user experience design. Our UX Researcher facilitated these tests by performing the ‘think aloud' method. The rest of us carefully observed the language, tone and mouse movements of our users.

I am very curious as to what this log in is. I have only dealt directly with my rep it would be amazing if I could have a log in to see all of my orders in one place.
It would also be nice if i could order directly from the website and already see the discounts applied instead of ordering through our rep. Our rep does respond in a timely manner but he has been a little inconsistent when it came to the information regarding rebates/discount program.

Key Learnings

Sometimes it's worth taking the time. Even in only 10 days, our team identified critical pain points, sketched and developed prototypes, and tested the process with real users.

Feedback from our users told us what they needed and which pieces weren't working. We then simplified the process based on their feedback to address our original KPI's, and focus on benefits they actually wanted to see.